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GIVI V58NA Maxia 5 is the fifth version of MONOKEY top case, with a 58 ltr. capacity. The updated design draws the eye to the aesthetic trends of latest generation motorcycles and maxi-scooters, recalling their clean lines, colour combinations and aerodynamic focus. A spacious top case that is also redesigned from a structural standpoint, its optimised weight of 5.4 kg and greater robustness makes it the ideal companion for stress-free travel.

The V58N version features four covers painted an aluminium colour, a red reflector that runs along the front section and two chrome decorations on the base - an elegant blend that embellishes and vitalises the motorcycle. Particularly suited to those who love to go motorcycle touring, alone or with a friend, the Maxia 5 top case can hold two large-sized modular helmets. Comb hinges with stops replace the retention cables to facilitate opening and closing, applying slight pressure to the lid allows for soft and controlled closure. Greater adherence between the two shells better protects against theft.

As standard:
• An elasticated strap to hold the contents of the case firm
• A soft internal mat applied to the base
• An inner net anchored to the base with four dedicated hooks
• A lid with comb hinges with stops, eliminating the need for retention cables

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