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The S901A Smart Mount is a universal support incorporating a section made from a single piece of machined anodized aluminium. It enables the following GIVI Sat-Nav holders; S951, S952, S952B, S953, S953B, S954, S954B, S955, S955B, S956B and S957B to be mounted to the middle of a handlebar both quickly and easily. If combined with the specific adapter, the S901A can also be used to mount; the Tom Tom Rider (40, 400, 410), Garmin Zumo 390LM and Garmin Zumo 590LM Sat-Navs.

The mount support allows the position of the Sat-Nav to be modified and thanks to the two lower support slots, it is possible to mount the Smart Mount on a large number of different motorcycle models using a motorcycle specific stainless steel screw kit.

To discover whether an “_ _ SKIT” screw kit exists for your specific model of motorcycle, please refer to the “Bike Specific Hardware” section of the website.

If you cannot find a screw kit that is compatible with your specific model of motorcycle, then please notify us using the “Idea Box” at givi.it/the-box-of-ideas and we will advise you about the correct “_ _ SKIT” to use.

To be combined with the motorcycle specific “_ _ SKIT” screw kit

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